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Therefore, when the capstan motor reaches the end of its service life, the entire mechanism assembly should be replaced. Page 39 2.

Used & New GY-DVU by JVC Solaris

Be Table shows the oil and greases used with the set. To clean use a good quality fine-textured cloth Classification Name Part No.


Page 42 2. See section 2.

JVC GY-DV500U DV500E Service Training Manual

S3 2 Remove the screw S3. W2 3 Remove the spring P2. Up to 60 minutes of high-quality component digital images can be recorded on a single MiniDV tape, jvc gy dv500u you the high-quality, non-degradable images you need for top results in post-production editing. Plus, MiniDV tapes are readily available and inexpensive.

JVC GY-DV500U Service Manual

Yet, despite its compact size, the DV offers high-end performance and features, thanks jvc gy dv500u its advanced digital circuitry. I haven't seen that camera in almost a decade! The DV records the video and audio signals independently, in the video area and in the audio area respectively.

The sub-code area records data including the timecode, recording date, index and absolute track number, and the ITI area records the reference signal of the absolute height of jvc gy dv500u SSA ad tracking signals. The DV does not use the tracking control track. When the F0 track is reproduced, the DV controls the tracking servo so that the crosstalk levels of the pilot signals F1, F2 in the tracks on the left and right of the F0 jvc gy dv500u become identical.

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The jvc gy dv500u signals are recorded over all the tracks. A Mini-DV cassette tape The DV cassette uses metallic magnetic particles so that stable, high-power signals can be obtained from even very thin tracks.

Metal tapes include the metal particle coated MP tapes and metal evaporated ME tapes. The Metal tape used with the DV is the ME tape which features a thin jvc gy dv500u layer and low demagnetization.

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These terminals are called the ID board terminals, and the values of resistance across the terminals express basic cassette ID BCID information such as the tape thickness, tape type and applications. In this case, these 4 terminals are used as the serial communication terminals for the storage jvc gy dv500u readout of cassette memory contents.

As described above, the ID board terminals are used in two ways and the cassettes are jvc gy dv500u as those with or without internal memory according to the usage. The GY-DV and BR-DV are not avairable with this optional function, so information such as the content information cannot be written or read even when a cassette with internal memory is used with them. All these models do through these terminals is read the BCID of every cassette.


ID Board Resistor value Open 1. The input digital video signal is shuffled block by block, so that deviations in the compression rate of the picture can be prevented. This is achieved by gathering data from various jvc gy dv500u in the picture and compressing it. When the video signal is supplied to the ECC block for error correction later, de-shuffling is applied to return the data jvc gy dv500u the original positions in the video signal. The shuffled video signal is coded.

The coding consists of replacing the image signal in the conversion block composed of multiple pixels with signals without correlation by means of discrete cosine transform DCT. The DCT operation consists of dividing the picture into blocks each composed of 8 x 8 pixels and obtaining the transform coefficient, which indicates the amount of components of the previously determined basic image pattern 64 jvc gy dv500u in each block.


Jvc gy dv500u coding technique used here performs Run Length coding first, then applies Huffman coding.Combining convenience and cost-effectiveness of MiniDV with professional performance and features; TV lines equivalent horizontal resolution from. Designed specifically for professional use, the GY-DVU combines the convenience and cost- effectiveness of MiniDV with the professional performance and.

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