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Had to take my core clock down quite a few notches to get stable.

The current benchies just can't seem to simulate real-world gaming. BrahmzyDec 2, A device driver is required for communicating with your video hardware. Would it be that unreasonable for me to make atitool kernel mode own mind up and use Atsiv?


By the time average users are using Vista it atitool kernel mode be a market requirement for everyone to sign their drivers. But since when is Microsoft about a choice for the user?

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The user never was asked for his opinion…. While I agree that tools like Atsiv could be used for malicious things, Linchpin was completely aboveboard with it. There are many atitool kernel mode things that can be subverted — for example, for a hacking demo a few years ago, a friend wrote a small program that launched atitool kernel mode a web page, silently uninstalled Norton Anti-Virus and installed small service EXE that put a fake NAV icon in the system tray.

And what about Verisign? Many, many people and companies rely on them to validate applications, websites, etc. In fact, this is one of the reasons I use Vista x As for the revocation, I would say that Microsoft should have ultimate authority to revoke atitool kernel mode signings.

Instead, think of Kernel Mode Code Signing as default admin policy for the kernel, that the admin can change if he wants to. I could disable them, if I wanted, but I generally choose not to. I suspect that the large majority of users also feel similarly about default policy on a system. Thus, it did exactly what it said, in a manner that guaranteed it had not been tampered and in a fashion that would be USELESS for malware. This atitool kernel mode was available only for the Windows Vista Beta 2 release. This is all cute… but like the guy up there said… Microsoft is always at fault. If they do something wrong which they do most of the time we complain… atitool kernel mode they offer a patch, we get irritated about it.

X64 Driver Signing Update – Windows Vista Security

But anyway you are still right so far: People should buy other systems than Windows if they are not happy with what Microsoft does. This would certainly improve Windows a lot, because it would mean that atitool kernel mode free market would start to force Microsoft to really listen to their end users.

We are all confident that they will not abuse this kind of power, too. Unsupported drivers, some for old hardware where the vendor will not spend the atitool kernel mode or money to write a new driver.

X64 Driver Signing Update

As an IT professional and security manager, I understand that drivers are the greatest cause of OS atitool kernel mode. But this should be a risk that users and enterprises should be able to take. Causing a third party Verisign — famous atitool kernel mode its own security to revoke a companys certificate sounds to me did I mention my law degree?

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Post a comment! Create an account. I actually just used CCC to overclock my card.


I found the memory's limit at around CCC's max isso I backed it down to and it was fine. So then I modified the BIOS of the card and found the limit at aroundand backed it down to after reboot i get this message when atitool kernel mode up atitool. The Kernel Mode Driver does not seem to be running. A device driver is required for.


I am trying to install and run ATI TOOL on Vista I keep getting this message:The Kernel Mode Driver does not seem to be runnung. Got my ATItool up and running, although it atitool kernel mode detect my properly and couldn't overclock it.

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