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It seems it could be a Microsoft. NET Framework 1.


Ok, so next I go to the Gammu website looking for bugs. It has a solution. Next, I try the so-called solution.

Sign up using Facebook. Kali gammu mysql unknown db saya akan berbagi cara bagaimana caranya meningkatkan timeout PHP pada Nginx. Adding UDH means that you have less space for text, in above example you can use only characters in single message. Fields description: UpdatedInDB timestamp when somebody daemon, user, etc. Sign up. Published in Linux and Open Source. To send a message, you can either use gammu-smsd-injectwhich does all the magic for you, or you can insert the message manually. The simplest example is short text message:. I'm not sure but where can I find that configuration used by current gammu?

Added Retries field to the outbox. Added NetCode and NetName fields. Compatibility option for older configuration files, stores messages in any database supported by libdbi, see DBI Backend for details.


This is optional, but you should set it if your phone after power on requires PIN. File where SMSD actions are being logged. You can also use special value syslog which will send all messages to syslog daemon. On Windows another special value eventlog exists, which will send logs to Windows Event Log. I am writing it as I go too, so I remember an problems along the way. As a side note, I used this post as a big help. Firstly, I bought 2 modems from ebay. gammu mysql unknown db

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The first thing to do is plug it in and install the drivers if required. There was some software on the modem call Mobile Partner. Added primary key to the gammu table. Added Priority field to the outbox.

Facility to use on logging backends which support it currently only syslog. One of following chouces:. Shows how many seconds SMSD should wait for network answer during sending sms.

Issue mysql 5.5 gammu-smsd: unknown DB driver

If nothing happen during this time, sms will be resent. How many times will SMSD try to resend message if sending fails. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand gammu mysql unknown db Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. On Sale!

Here we go again with trying to get some more technology working. This is the journey of getting this working on a Windows computer network. I am writing it as I go too, so I remember an problems along the way.

Database Driver Issues · Issue # · gammu/gammu · GitHub

As a side note, I used this post as a big help. The mysql version is 6. First of all, I assume that you are using Visual Studio to build gammu on Windows. The connector should work fine but needs to be separately installed like an addon for mysql so that the server speaks this protocol. Sign up for free gammu mysql unknown db join this conversation on GitHub.

Already have an account"gammu-smsd[]: Unknown DB Driver Gammu mysql unknown db have to install the MySQL ODBC driver and change the driver to obdc, then this build should. Please Help Me I'm using gammumodem wavecom fastrack gammu- smsd[]: Error code:Error: Unknown database 'sms'.

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