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NET libraries. Wrappers and others MSDataShape. This one works only with Oracle 8i release 3 or oracle home 92 odbc. I don't have an error message displayed Therefore, the following two sections explain how to trace each piece in this architecture. Modify or create the following registry keys with these values to maximize the amount of trace information that will be logged. NOTE: To reduce the amount of trace information taken, please see the following reference which goes into more detail on oracle home 92 odbc values these parameters can be set to: Using Microsoft Transaction Server with Oracle8i Chapter 7 - Troubleshooting Section - Using Trace File 2 Immediately run the application that enlists in a distributed transaction with the Microsoft Transaction Server MTS.

This caching mechanism limits the memory consumption at the expense of performance. The FetchSize value must be set appropriately depending on the data size and the response time of the network. If the value is set too high, this could result in more wait time during the execution of the query.

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I have set up two System DSNs through these drivers but neither work. At the meantime, our only concern is to successfully connect from MS to Oracle Server and retrieve data. By default, the ODBC Driver ensures that access to all internal structures environment, connection, statement are thread-safe. Single-threaded applications can eliminate some of the thread safety overhead by disabling this option. oracle home 92 odbc

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Disabling this option typically shows a minor performance improvement. This value determines how many rows of data at a time the ODBC Driver prefetches from an Oracle database to the client's cache, regardless of the number of rows the application program requests in a single query, thus improving performance. Setting this too high can oracle home 92 odbc response time or consume large amounts of memory.

The default is 64, bytes. Choose a value that works best for your application. For example:.


To prevent incorrect results as might happen if the parameter value had nonzero fractional secondsthe optimizer oracle home 92 odbc the conversion to the HIREDATE column resulting in the following statement:. Unfortunately, this has the effect of disabling the use of the index on the HIREDATE column and instead the server performs a sequential scan of the table. If the table has many rows, this can take a long time.

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The Incr Pool Size attribute defines the number of new connections to be created by the connection pooling service when more connections oracle home 92 odbc needed. When a connection is closed, the connection pooling service determines whether the connection lifetime has exceeded the value of the Connection Lifetime attribute. If so, the connection is closed; otherwise, the connection goes back to the connection oracle home 92 odbc. I am trying to link to Oracle,but After I set all info and tried to link, ACL told me that it can not find module, but when I check in my "C disk", it is there Query Timeout Option. Close Cursor. Disable Rule Hint.

Batch Autocommit Mode. User-supplied numeric value specify a value in bytes of 0 or greater. Failover Retry Count.

Using the Oracle ODBC Driver

User-supplied numeric value. Failover Delay. LOB Writes. Microsoft Transaction Server Support. EXEC Syntax. Schema Field.

Oracle client trace

Set Metadata ID Default. Numeric Settings. Token Size.

Related 1.Home / Oracle Database Online Documentation Library, 12c Release 1 with the SQL Core specification which is a superset of the SQL Entry Level. Oracle ODBC Drivers. Home; Skip to Content; Oracle home 92 odbc to Search NOTE: The following ODBC Drivers are ODBC VersionLevel 2 compatible drivers.

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