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Measuring the positioning speed of the HDD heads and access times to sectors.

Measurement of reading speed by graphic methods. Cleaning the disk or part of it from the information - "low-level formatting". Management of security mhdd userport setting a password on the HDD, removing the password, quickly erasing information without the possibility of its recovery, etc. Ability to stop and start the spindle motor HDD. The HDD positioning test similar to how the OS does for intensive mhdd userportin order to identify the reliability and thermal stability of the disk subsystem of the PC leads to the heating of the HDD.

Sector-by-sector copying of an arbitrary HDD area to a file, with skipping of defective areas it can be useful for saving information from a damaged disk.


Mhdd userport copying of files to HDD. Indication of HDD operation modes, register contents, and visualization of error codes by indicator lamps.

UserPort 1.0 Download

Built-in context-sensitive help system. Unpack the archive, insert the floppy disk into the floppy drive, and run the file makedisk. A boot diskette mhdd userport created.


To use the program, you must download the computer from this diskette, after which everything will be ready for use. Boot the computer from this CD, then everything will be ready to go. The program consists of a single executable file and an auxiliary configuration file vcr. File vcr. You can run the program directly under Windows, and it will work fine, but you need to do one of the following:. Disable "Control Panel" - "System" - "hardware" - "hard disk controllers" is the IDE channel of the controller to which the test drive is connected. This is necessary mhdd userport that the program can access directly to the HDD ports.

If you chose this option, then you need to connect the hard drive after the system is booted.

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Mhdd userport insert a floppy disk into floppy drive A: and then type makedisk and press enter. After the disk has been created, delete unnecessary files from the floppy to make enough room for HDDerase.

Copy the downloaded file, HDDerase. Boot the computer in DOS using the bootable disk. Mhdd userport sure to set the correct boot priority setting in the system BIOS. All ATA mhdd userport disk drives connected to the main system board will be identified and their information displayed. For PATA drives, make sure that the jumpers on the hard disk drives are correctly configured. Avoid setting the jumpers to CS cable select on the hard disk drives. You will have to write your own scripts, send vendor-specific commands, etc. BUSY appears when drive has something to execute read or write command, for example. INDEX flag is obsolete too, but sometimes it can blink. You will see menu where you can adjust some settings.

All data-destructive functions Remap, Erase Delays are switched off by default. Press Mhdd userport again to start the scan. MHDD scans drives by blocks.

AGP works at 33 rare or 66MHz with different multipliers x1, x2, x4, x8 to transfer data faster. It is important to use graphics card with slot which supports it as then it will go with a full speed. For example ASRock used these chipsets in their mainboards. Mhdd userport is compatible with only a few dozens mhdd userport graphics cards, so if you can't use mainboard with one AGP card, consult your manual to check is the AGP slot a real AGP, or does it have some "compatibility list". Similar tricks have been made by Epox and Biostar. Memory address, IRQ number, DMA channel, some on-board settings had to be configured by placing jumpers on many pin headers. EISA was a response to this problem.

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It was still running at 8. How to configure card without jumpers? Mhdd userport program can read configuration files usually text or some firmware and present options to user. Userport driver to access ports under WinXP (could be used to run MHDD under WinXP). Download KB. 21 Dec dp.


A: I know that it is possible to run MHDD mhdd userport any Windows with some limitations. For Win2k/XP you will need the USERPORT driver (google.

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