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You can set this to a bit more than the number of PreparedStatements your application frequently uses, to avoid churning.


If either of these parameters are greater than zero, statement pooling will be enabled. If both parameters are greater c3po no suitable zero, both limits will be enforced. If only one is greater than zero, statement pooling will be enabled, but only one limit will be enforced.

If statementCacheNumDeferredCloseThreads is greater than zero, the Statement pool will defer physically close ing cached Statements until its parent Connection is not in use by any client or internally in e. This parameter defaults to 0. You can affect how c3po no suitable handles errors in acquiring Connections via the following configurable properties:.

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When a c3p0 DataSource attempts and fails to acquire a Connection, it will retry up to acquireRetryAttempts times, with a delay of acquireRetryDelay between each attempt. If all attempts fail, any clients waiting for Connections from the DataSource will see an Exception, indicating that a Connection could not be acquired. Note that clients c3po no suitable not see any Exception until a full round of attempts fail, which may be some time after c3po no suitable initial Connection attempt.

If acquireRetryAttempts is set to 0, c3p0 will attempt to acquire new Connections indefinitely, c3po no suitable calls to getConnection may block indefinitely waiting for a successful acquisition. Once a full round of acquisition attempts fails, there are two possible policies. By default, the c3p0 DataSource will remain active, and will try again to acquire Connections in response to future requests for Connections.

If you set breakAfterAcquireFailure to truethe DataSource will consider itself c3po no suitable after a failed round of Connection attempts, and future client requests will fail immediately. Note that if a database restart occurs, a pool may contain previously acquired but now stale Connections.


By default, these stale Connections will only be detected and purged lazily, when an application attempts c3po no suitable use them, and sees an Exception. See Managing ConnectionAge. If you wish to avoid application Exceptions entirely, you must adopt a connection testing strategy that is likely to detect stale Connections prior to their delivery to clients. See " Configuring Connection Testing ". Even with active Connection testing testConnectionOnCheckout set to trueor testConnectionOnCheckin and a short idleConnectionTestPeriodyour application may see occasional C3po no suitable on database restart, for example if the restart occurs after a Connection to the database has already been checked out.

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direct pro lx6-driverjava.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for in tomcat 6.0.35, is the class loading changed?

Application frequently wish to set up Connections in some standard, reusable way immediately after Connection acquisitions. Examples of this include setting-up character encodings, or date and time related behavior, using vendor-specific APIs c3po no suitable non-standard SQL statement executions. Occasionally it is useful to override the default values of standard Connection properties such as transactionIsolationholdabilityor readOnly. To install a ConnectionCustomizer just implement the interface, make your class accessible to c3p0's ClassLoader, and set the configuration parameter below:. ConnectionCustomizers are required to be immutable classes with public no argument constructors. Martijn Verburg. Ankesh Khatri Ankesh Khatri 41 2 2 bronze badges. Thank you very much for any suggestion!!!

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Not sure if this is what you need? Buying Format see all. Anshul katta. There is no issue when using tomcat 6.

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Sign in to comment. As this is the same file that we are using under windows where it works fine I don't think that this would be the issue.

Java 7, Tomcat 7, MySql 5 2. Perhaps the most straightforward way to create a c3p0 pooling DataSource is to instantiate an instance c3po no suitable com. This is a JavaBean-style class with a public, no-arg constructor, but before you use the DataSource, you'll have to be sure to set at least the property jdbcUrl. You may also c3po no suitable to set user and passwordand, if you use an old-style JDBC driver that you will not externally preload, you should set the driverClass. The default values of any c3p0 DataSource property are determined by configuration you supply, or else revert to hard-coded defaults [see configuration properties ].

If you wish to use a named configuration, construct your com. ComboPooledDataSource with the configuration name as a constructor agument:. Alternatively, you can use the static factory class com. If you use the DataSources factory class, and you want to programmatically override default configuration parameters, you can supply a map of override properties:. If you are using named configurationsyou can specify the configuration that defines the default configuration for your DataSource:. Show deprecated PoolConfig approach If you use the DataSources factory class, and you want to programmatically override default configuration parameters, make use of the PoolConfig class:.

You can wrap any DataSouce using DataSource.eption: No suitable driver found. This exception can have 2 causes: The JDBC driver is not loaded at all. URL does not match. I get the error "No suitable driver" from c3p0. Apparently C3P0ConnectionProvider hibernate or c3p0?) but then gets lost (driverClass -> null).

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