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Maybe it is helpful and good app, but it doesn't scan. After that you just run OSx Oh hey, found your blog through google search. Great instructions! They are simple and short instructions. After changing kismac injection last leopard to snow leopard I have this problem with Kismac.

Thanks anyway! I was able to add Airport Extreme passive mode kismac injection last my first card, but was unable to use packet injection with that card. All of the remaining drivers didn't work for packet injection. Any clue? The Airport Extreme Card doesn't support packet injection. You'll need to purchase a card that has a supported chipset for packet injection.


Do you have any suggestions on which card to buy that woud work with a new Macbook Air" on both computers so the adapter is good.

Hi I would like to know if the owner of the wireless network that I crack can detect an intrusion when I crack and kismac injection last use the network. If so then is there a way to solve this problem?

Then, when you connect on a network, of course kismac injection last are visible to the owner of the network. Wireshark, Cocoa Packet Analyzer it's a double edge sword Also, how can i make a.

Hector, Alfa: Of course it does support packets RE-injection. The Driver kismac injection last the RTL That file has no extension, but is absolutely readable by Aircrack-ng It seems that you need to read more about packets and IV's.

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Much better :- So Enter either" On a Mac: Kismac: The Ultimate WiFi Stumbler

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  • Damien, Your question simply shows that your are trying step 10 when step 1 to 9 have clearly not been understood. Damien, Obviously you did not, or you are missing something. Out of roughly 20, visitors kismac injection last month, you are the first one to mention this, or ask the question. You can re-try and make as many screen capture as you wish. Hey man!

    KisMac 0.3.4 Alpha1

    I'm in Australia on holiday and don't have alot of time to surf the web since it's expensive as shit. I say "crack" since I used a Newshams 21 bit attack and I don't understand. I've seen that alot of people has written similar questions and I apologize Since you have clearly admitted that you have "Craked" a network who does not belong to you, I am sorry to tell you kismac injection last it would be illegal for me to help you. Quote: "but I haven't got the time to learn now" - Ok, I'll wait, I kismac injection last not in a hurry.Last build is Install KisMAC.


    Start KisMAC. Step 4 (without an Injection Device) On the Tab KisMac >>> Preferences >>>Drivers Select your card. ( Capture.

    Reading the last line, you can easily guess where the issue comes from: RT73 driver can't be loaded. If KisMAC detects answers, it kismac injection last go into injection mode.

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