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Don't have an account? Use the arrow keys to select a controller channel from the list of adapters; then, press Enter. To change the settings of the selected items, follow the instructions on the screen. When you have finished changing settings, system x3200 m2 Esc to exit from the program; select Save to save the settings that you have changed.


Solving problems This chapter provides basic troubleshooting information to help you solve some common problems that might occur while you system x3200 m2 setting up the server. Diagnostic system x3200 m2 overview The following tools are available to help you diagnose and solve hardware-related problems: v POST beep codes The power-on self-test beep codes indicate the detection of a problem. Error messages are displayed also if POST detects a hardware-configuration problem. If this CD did not come with the server, complete the following steps to download it.

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If POST detects a problem system x3200 m2 startup, other beep codes might occur. Use the following beep code descriptions to help diagnose and solve problems that are detected during startup. One beep POST was completed successfully without detecting any errors. Repeating long beeps A memory error has occurred. Make sure that all DIMMs are correctly installed. To check for updated technical information, complete the following steps. Abbreviated list of POST error codes.

Error code Description Action Three consecutive boot failures using the 1. Update the system firmware to the latest default configuration.

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Trained service technician only Replace the system board. Abbreviated list of POST error codes continued.

System X3200 M2 Specifications

Error code Description Action Diskette controller error. Reseat the diskette drive cable. Reseat the system x3200 m2 drive. Replace the following components one at a time, in the order shown, restarting the server each time: a. Diskette drive cable b.

Diskette drive c. Trained service technician only System board Real-time clock error. Reseat the battery.

Battery b. Reseat the following system x3200 m2 a. Failing device if the device is a FRU, the device must be reseated by a trained service technician only 3. Failing device if the device is a FRU, the device must be replaced by a trained service technician only c. Trained service technician only System board.


Error code Description Action Time of day not set. Clear CMOS. Trained system x3200 m2 technician only System board Memory size has changed. Reseat the DIMM. DIMM b. Trained service technician only System board Service processor flash code damaged or 1.

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Error code Description Action Power-on password damaged. Trained service technician only System board VPD serial number not set. Replace the DIMM.

Replace the diskette. Reseat the diskette drive cables. Replace the diskette drive. Error code Description Action Internal diskette drive error 1.

system x3200 m2 Reseat the diskette drive signal cables. Update the BMC firmware see communication error. Make sure that the Remote Supervisor communication error.Documents. Flashes, alerts and bulletins · View entitled documentation · IBM Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) Installation and User's Guide - IBM BladeCenter. ZG,An excellent system x3200 m2 for cost-sensitive small and medium-sized businesses ordistributed environments, System x M2 servers.

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