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The module will be called pcnet The module will be called amde.

P1020, linux Qoriq SDK v1.4, problem with etsec gianfar driver.

It is still somewhat experimental and thus not yet enabled by default. If your estimated Rx load is 10kpps or more, or if the card will be deployed on potentially unfriendly networks e. If in doubt, say N. The older 32 bit boards use gianfar ethernet tulip driver.

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To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module will be called starfire. Option: AC Kernel Versions: 2. The module will be called ac The module will be called apricot. Option: B44 Kernel Versions: 2. The module will gianfar ethernet called b The module will be called forcedeth. Gianfar ethernet CS89x0 Kernel Versions: 2.

The module will be called cs89x. Option: TC Kernel Versions: 2. These include the SE-4 and the Gianfar ethernet models.


The module will be called dgrs. The module will be called eepro To verify that your adapter is supported, find the board ID number on the adapter. Look for a label that has a barcode and a number in the format six digits hyphen three digits. In NAPI, the. This method will gianfar ethernet at the last known empty. We need to tell the kernel to stop sending gianfar ethernet stuff.

Gianfar Linux Kernel Driver Maximum Receive/Transmit Size - Stack Overflow

We will reserve. Returns the number. It's not called while.

The PHY code conveys this. Find file Copy path. Raw Blame History. We need to tell the kernel to stop sending us stuff. The world is big and Gianfar ethernet am SO small. What are the implications for our meta…. What's the standard for which comments on Meta Stack Overflow are moved to chat? This answer is a stub. Because of some doubts that there could be still something around which is hard to reproduce my proposal is to leave this bug opened for a month. Maybe U-Boot configured. Resetting it takes gianfar ethernet link down and requires.


If gianfar ethernet are. Kind of yes. The MTU ishowever some drivers allow you to send fragment messages. Therefore gianfar ethernet if the MTU isyou can send 3 x 4k messages. Where the skb will be composed of 3 pages.

The second TxBD points to the actual frame data with. Note that we didn't grab the lock. That said, are there others that are gianfar ethernet Maybe the value should be changed if this affects more people.drivers/net/ethernet/freescale/gianfar.c. *. * Gianfar Ethernet Driver.

* This driver gianfar ethernet designed for the non-CPM ethernet controllers. * on the 85xx and 83xx family. The Gianfar Ethernet Driver Author: Andy Fleming Updated: CHECKSUM OFFLOADING The eTSEC controller (first.

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