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To learn more, click here. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of Cookies, Privacy Policy. Some said later firmware 1AA01 for the F1 may have fixed that.


F1's may be shipping with even later firmware now. I've tried copyiing few big dmg's onto it and they all mount without issues. I hope it will apiotek esata ii 300 that way. Even one failure out of dozens is too many. MBP early non-unibodyosx I will report if I have any issues.

Again see my warning apiotek esata ii 300 to run repeated checksum tests. When I first got this error I started ruling out the quality of the news post and my usenet provider. I started thinking what might cause the crc errors and then it hit me. I just started using the OWC slim express34 card! So I powered off the OWC card and hooked my apiotek esata ii 300 drive up using usb2 like before and started re-downloading the same files that gave me crc errors and what do you know, all the files where good.

Apiotek eSATA II 300 express card adapter is shocking me.

No crc errors to be found with usb2. Aside from pulling in some usenet rar's I've also copied a whole lot of data from the express34 apiotek esata ii 300 drive drive1 to an usb2 connected drive drive2. Most of them where. The non. Aside from just mounting the.

Checked both the MD5's and the came back the same and both mounted without a hiccup. Then I tried it the other way around. Copied another file from drive2 to drive1.

Single Port eSATA II ExpressCard 34 Adapter For Apple MacBook Pro *3Gbps *Mojave

Checked both the MD5's and they also came back the same. So it seems I only have problems with downloading the rar files from usenet. Oh wait! I've also had problems with waking my macbook pro up from sleep. I had written last year about the Apiotek esata ii 300 test failures with the previous non-slim JMB apiotek esata ii 300 in my MBP early 17in as well as similar results from others including reports below. Just popped it in the slot and started using it. Drive2 is a 1,5GB western digital caviar green disk in the Sharkoon Quickport bay2 hooked up to my mac via usb2. I'm now hesitant to keep using it cause I'm afraid It will fudge up my external drive and make me lose all my data. Hope this info helps.

And even one failure is too many He said these installed fine. In the past though some had problems with the SI site ref drivers but apiotek esata ii 300 sonnet's installer despite it often being the same version - perhaps something in their installer helped? Not bootable. Data corruption on many different external drive devices. Corruption includes copy issues, integrity issues, and eventually un-repairable drive that can't be written apiotek esata ii 300, but I can read data from. The only fix is to format and start over with different connection. Setup: MBP 5,1 2.

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And we're not alone - some other owners especially of JMB based cards in SL have seen this problem. You can add more cable connections via the ExpressCard slot.


Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor. Originally posted by dal I have the PPA Originally posted by 3.

Apiotek eSATA card - any users ??: Mac Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

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