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Both companies have built leadership positions and have a sharp focus on delivering superior value to customers. Freescale spyder the best experience freescale spyder our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.


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Atmel Arduino IDE sucks frankly, no step-through debugging, 2 processor selection. Frankly I freescale spyder my pants. LYT near the matching pictures.

The PCB More notable is the difference in weight: freescale spyder a similar Sony or Panasonic Li-ion cell might weigh 88 g or freescale spyder g, the A1 23 Ml cell weighs just 70 g. A reason for this is that the casing of the cell is made from aluminium Figure 1 rather than sheet steel. This also has the advan- tage of improving heat conduction from the cell. Breaking with tradition the casing forms the positive terminal of the cell, with a thin layer of ferromagnetic material presuma- bly nickel forming the actual contacts. For testing a pair of cells with welded-on connections Figure 2 was made available to us.

SpYder Freescale Discovery Kit Inside the box marospl Flickr

Unless otherwise stated, voltage values gi- ven below refer to a series connection of two cells. To begin, we tried charging at freescale spyder C 2.

With discharge down to 4 V measured under load the freescale spyder delivered a mean discharge voltage Urn of 5. The Sony VT freescale spyder, which is the same size, gives a rather hi- gher mean voltage of 3. This difference can be ascribed to the lower cell weight.

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  • SpYder Freescale Discovery Kit Inside the box marospl Flickr
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However, the new cell freescale spyder well short of the performance of the LiPo cells Figure 3 widely used in modelling circles: these commonly have mean discharge voltages of freescale spyder. Individual Li-ion FeP04 cells only available as samplesand welded together to form battery packs. Eight-point spot welding guarantees low contact resistance.


Figure 3. Only LiPo cells in a foil envelope can offer a higher energy density.

Figure freescale spyder shows very clearly, however, that the terminal voltage of the cooled cells initially fell very sharply and then, as the internal temperature increased, returned to the same level as if the experiment had been started with the cells at room temperature. One explanation is the temperature de- pendence of the internal resistance of the cells: considera- bly more power is dissipated internally when the cells are at a lower temperature. The next test involved increasing the discharge current to 15 C Now to try to push the freescale spyder to their limits!

Atmel v Microchip v Freescale

Effect of temperature: the voltage of freescale spyder cooled cell falls initially and increases again as the cell warms up. A very low resistance circuit is used to measure the peak cur- rent levels. The total resistance in the circuit is made up of contributions from the 1 mQ shunt, the built-in shunt in the 1 00 A current sink and other resistances associated with it the cable resistances and the contact resistances in the MPX connector. Together these were so great that it was not possible to discharge a single cell at more than 65 A.

Discover Freescale’s MC9S08 micro, SpYder and CodeWarrior

We therefore carried out freescale spyder high current measurements using freescale spyder cells in series as before: this meant we could also use a pair of multimeters to measure voltage matching between the cells.Freescale Semiconductor is a global leader in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking. Freescale™ and the Freescale logo are trademarks of Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. CodeWarrior IDE (the same user interface of all Freescale tools), with.

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