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AMD gets feisty with new Z-Series APU

Thread Tools. Please update the summaries and descriptions accordingly. Anyway, it's easier to later merge two bug reports that finally ends up having the same root rather than detailing two different issues in one bug reports. But it's fine to comment on issues that you think are related. My only customization of xorg. Enabling desktop effects only makes the experience even more slow. BinaryDriverHowto feisty radeon not sufficient for 3D: hopefully will work in v5. feisty radeon

feisty radeon Installed Ati driver 8. There is a very faint and very occasional tearing still present, though. Overheat with proprietary drivers. After restarting X, those weird pixel colors are gone and all is fine and displayed correctly.

I use this to drive projectors all the time. Search Advanced search…. I'm talking about the non reference cards being readily available feisty radeon with proper coolers. GhostRyder, post:member: " Yea but they are a lot better than what was believed and what even I thought was going to be the end result.

So it trades blows with a card that replaced the feisty radeon arguably Nvidia's aim with Feisty radeon was to drastically reduce power consumption but match GK performance. This may be fixed in the Sept 19, 8.

ASUS Tames AMD's Feisty Grenada Silicon, Intros 0 dBA Idle STRIX Graphics Cards TechPowerUp

To turn the VGA back on and the tv off replace "tv" with "crt1". Dual Monitor under Suse 9. The other thing to note is that I compiled and installed libdrm I can post feisty radeon xorg. Thanks again, - Medix 8.


Ah, I seem to have missed the point. I apologize.

Installing Beryl On An Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Desktop With An ATI Radeon Graphic Card

I had spent feisty radeon hours trying to sift through all of the information available for ATI cards. There is alot of information on the proprietary fglrx driver, however I wasn't able to determine or got impatient feisty radeon the ambiguity of the documentation whether or not this driver would work with my particular card.


For the most part, basic 3D hardware support was already working when I installed Edgy 6. I added only feisty radeon few lines. I'm guessing that the above values are not the optimized feisty radeon for this card. Since I haven't had too much time or ambition due to the holidays, I haven't investigated this further and switched back to my original xorg.

AMD gets feisty with new Z-Series APU TechRadar

Hopefully this helps. I should also note that I did not have any prior problems with the system crashing or freezing. Thanks for the effort even though this wasn't quite the response you were expecting. No, it wasn't quite the response, but feisty radeon, I got the answers I was looking for. I've installed all i need i guest : xserver-xorg-driver-ati, beryl, xorg modified Here's my xorg. I'm sorry, but I really don't know a thing about your card. What I'd say you need to do is feisty radeon for others who've also tried to get this working. Search these forums first, possibly with the words "radeon beryl" without quotes and then try Google. Your card seems to be rather popular - I got two or three requests for help here with that same card.

Error: couldn't get fbconfig Any idea?

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Well, a quick Google brings this up. Don't know if you've read it already. They eventually get an answer, but they seem to know what they are doing. Try each thing they try to see if any of it works. After feisty radeon the latest update to wine and the fglrx kernel, all of a feisty radeon I've lost my 3D acceleration.Installing Beryl On An Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Desktop With An ATI Radeon Graphic Card This tutorial shows how you can install and configure Beryl on a - Page.

on an Ubuntu (Feisty Fawn) desktop with an ATI Radeon graphic card.

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