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From the outside, they might look like minor changes, but they really make a difference to the way you use the mouse.

Forums Software Windows XP. JavaScript is disabled. By borda.


By dezej the polish gypsy. I've been using this mouse for 3 years now although I have very small hands.

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It's just the best mouse EVAR! I can't hold a basket ball with one hand btw :p. Edited microsoft intellimouse explorer 3.0a voodoochopstiks at BST, 23 August By Anonymous jus Vo0, Fatility, etc use it, even though it's technically totally out-dated. It's just the shape, which is really unique. By Anonymous userab About this product. Shiny plastic like the comfort mouse is best because gunk slides right off and mouse always looks brand new.

You either end up with some tiny cheap ambidextrous POS made by the lowest bidder, some crazy "ergonomic" BS or ridiculous "gamer" machination that looks microsoft intellimouse explorer 3.0a it came out of a transformers movie. Almost got a razer death mouse until I found out driver calls home and requires an Internet connection to work. No chance in hell.

I don't understand why mice are so screwed up. Pro tip: If you use the mouse long enough, it gets smooth instead of rough. Also, hard surface sanitizing cloths do wonders for cleaning the hardware.

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I have microsoft intellimouse explorer 3.0a Intellimouse 1. All are wearing smooth at this point. The weight, size, shape, and function hits all the sweet spots for me. I mean, sure, it runs, but the software fails to recognize a USB 2. I still have my original intelimouse that I got by sending in the coupons that used to come with OEM bundles of Win9x it was my favorite mouse ever but had two flaws.

I clicked on the link to buy the new one but it still appears to have a cord, what a shame. I miss my old Trackman Marble FX.

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GOFK what one would cost you today. Other Intellimouse features have also gone mainstream. Optical sensors with minimal acceleration or other processing used at low dpi settings have become microsoft intellimouse explorer 3.0a in this era of esports, although laser mice did enjoy a surge of popularity in the late s and remain a viable alternative. Similarly, back and forward buttons are now commonplace on all but the cheapest gaming rodents, and wired connectivity remains the most popular option - despite a late challenge from low-latency, wirelessly recharged mice from Logitech and others.


Another gripe we have is with the two thumb buttons. They don't have a great tactile response when you press them, and the rear microsoft intellimouse explorer 3.0a feels especially mushy. Artikelmerkmale Artikelzustand: Gebraucht : Artikel wurde bereits benutzt. Weitere Einzelheiten, z.

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Going on 6months now without a sign of any slowdown. The older version, which was alot bigger, did not last as long, because I think it only had one sensor, whereas the 3.


So what are the pros and cons to high or low dpi. Higher DPI won't help your aim at sensible er If you benefit highly from higher dpi, you should probably explore different mousing techniques unless you are somesort of super human who has total precise control over the mouse at high microsoft intellimouse explorer 3.0a, which I know do exist. By Penn.

Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 Mouse USB

By HammerSmashFace. I really hope they dont mess up this amazing news by releasing a "revolutionary new awesome kickass sensor which crushes microsoft intellimouse explorer 3.0a old sensor" and actually fucks up the best mouse to ever walk on god's green earth Also, they really should consider changing the layout of the thumb buttonsDevice downloads. For software and drivers select your product from the list below. Manuals. English, Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, English (Australia), Español. IntelliMouse is a series of computer mice from Microsoft.

The IntelliMouse series is credited with The IntelliMouse Explorer was introduced on April 19,at COMDEX. This version featured IntelliEye optical tracking technology, eliminating .

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