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Adams product line is by no means limited to Tight Lies fairway woods, as the company produces and sells a full range of product adams xtd insight drivers, wedges, putters, hybrid irons and more. I called back and escalated the issue by asking for a manager and I finally got someone who would take the time.

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Sometimes you got to be a thorn in their side…. Good Luck!


Its really nice. Well just got back from my tournament. Shot 4 under par with 1 bogy.

Adams Insight XTD A3 Driver

Hit driver very well today. All in the fairway.

I think I will keep it with the dimple in it untill it breaks hope not. I never hit so straight and as long before. It was a good day. Average drive My old club I have the red shaft one. Oh yea I am hitting the Pinnacle Gold ball. I read somewhere that adams had the best results with this club — ball combo on a swing machine. I have an Adams a30s set, I just got back from a round of Golf — the head of my driver flew off on the 4th hole. I was actually surprised that I liked the Adams the best, as it is the least glamorous name brand, but there was no question that it was, at least for me, hands down the best driver.

Usually there are several of these available on ebay at any given time, and at very adams xtd insight prices. I am able to work the ball easily off the tee also. I originally bought the driver, hit that so well I tried the three wood and now I've pick up the 5 and 7 woods. Clubs offer a great value for someone who isn't as interested in cosmetics, but cares about performance. Shows frequent to heavy use, but does not show any signs of abuse. Shaft will have noticeable wear. Grips will be consistent or better than overall club grade.

Adams xtd insight review title You must enter a title. Callaway and Nike will have to go back to the drawing board after this one hits the market.


Having been a golfer that has battled a slice for some 45 years, I felt I must put my two adams xtd insight worth in here. I could hit some pretty nice skinny draws pretty consistently, but the big ballooning high a fading slice would creep in their way too often.

Adams Insight XTD Pro Driver

And lately it had been showing up pretty regular. Sessions at the driving range would be unsuccessful in correcting this re-occurring problem.

Which adams xtd insight me to this new driver from Adams. The launch monitor would pretty much show the tendencies exhibited at the driving range and on the course. All that stopped when the salesman put that OS version of the driver into my hands.

The improvement was immediate. Not only was my skinny draw back, I could, at will adams xtd insight it out, or put a nice little fade on the ball with great accuracy…and longer by yards, well, according to the launch monitor.

Something else I liked about the ball flight is that the launch angle is a little lower. To me this is a good thing, because I have to play in adams xtd insight wind a lot, and in the summer under dry conditions.

Adams Insight XTD a3OS

Adams xtd insight I need a little more height on the drive I just tee it up a wee bit higher and play it slightly forward. I am impressed with the penetrating flight. I now have a dozen rounds under my belt with his new driver, and everyone in my regular gang is amazed.Adams Golf Insight XTD a3 Drivers. DESCRIPTION. Neutral bias and low spin; Innovative Boxer Technology; Designed to achieve optimal launch conditions. Adams took the idea behind the high-MOI Boxer hybrids and applied it to the Insight XTD. According to Tim Reed, vice president of research.

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