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Synaptics touchpad in linux can single tap twice to drag, but not double tap twice - Super User

First, make sure your section describing the external mouse contains this line or that the line looks like this :. If the "Device" line is different, change it to the above and try to restart X. If this does not solve your problem, make your touchpad is the CorePointer in the "Server Layout" section:. If all of the above does not work for you, please check relevant bug trackers for possible bugs, or go through the forums to see if linux synaptic touchpad has found a better solution.

Sometimes the cursor may freeze for several seconds or start acting on its own for no apparent reason. Is there linux synaptic touchpad way to make this happen on boot? PS: If you are happy with this answer, don't forget to accept this answer as a solution. This works for me! Many thanks.

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Glad to hear. I faced the same problem when I installed Ubuntu After hours of attempts I found a solution and decided to post linux synaptic touchpad here. Thanks for this. Simple solution to an annoying problem.


Thanks for the explanation, too. It was annoying to me too. To invert the direction of vertical linux synaptic touchpad horizontal scrolling, set VertScrollDelta or HorizScrollDelta to a negative value. Acceleration is mostly handled outside the driver, thus the driver will translate MinSpeed into constant deceleration and adapt MaxSpeed at startup time. This ensures you can user the other acceleration profiles, albeit without pressure linux synaptic touchpad.

Touchpad Synaptics - ParabolaWiki

However the numbers at runtime will likely be different from any options you may have set. Pressure motion When pressure motion is activated, the cursor motion speed depends on the pressure exerted on the touchpad the more pressure exerted on the touchpad, the faster the pointer. More precisely the speed is first calculated according to MinSpeed, MaxSpeed and AccelFactor, and then is multiplied by a sensitivity factor. Instead of or additional to scrolling horizontally or vertically, you can linux synaptic touchpad circularly. Some users find this faster and more precise. The option CircScrollTrigger may be one of the following values, determining which edge circular scrolling should start:.

If you do so, the type of scrolling is determined by the edge you start from. To scroll fast, linux synaptic touchpad small circles in the center of your touchpad. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. How do I install drivers for Kali Linux? Facebook Tweet. Jul 6, at am Reply. Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas.

It is possible to enable natural scrolling through synaptics. You might want to turn the touchpad on and off with a simple button click or shortcut. This can be done by binding the following xinput -based script:. Alternatively, synclient can be used to toggle the touchpad. However, it can only turn off touch events but not linux synaptic touchpad clickpad button usage:. First of all you should test if it works properly for your touchpad and if the settings are accurate.


Enable palm detection with. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Linux synaptic touchpad "Synaptics Palm Dimensions" Option "CoastingSpeed" " float " Your finger needs to produce this many scrolls per second in order to start coasting. The default is 20 which should prevent you from starting coasting unintentionally. Default is When using other protocols, this option has no effect.

Touchpad Synaptics

Grabbing the event device means that no other user space or kernel space program sees linux synaptic touchpad touchpad events. When changing this parameter with the synclient program, linux synaptic touchpad change will not take effect until the synaptics driver is disabled and reenabled. How fix??? Sign up to join this community. Linked 2.Note: If you find that your hand frequently brushes your touchpad, causing the TapButton2 option to be triggered (which will more than likely.

(xserver-xorg-input-synaptics has tapping disabled by default for touchpads with one or.

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