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Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. Make sure that Nvidia optimus use X as default backend. This requires xorg-server 1.


The rest is all software - a sophisticated bit of driver work by Nvidia to detect certain applications and fire up the discrete Nvidia optimus as needed. After all, the Windows desktop is technically 3D accelerated, as are built-in applications like Solitaire or Chess, but you don't need or want the discrete GPU for those. We are upgrading our website. Setting your preferred graphics processor for all software programs. Setting the graphics processor for one software program or game. Please enter your feedback here. Retrieved 10 April January 25, Archived July 18,at the Wayback Machine.

GeForce 3 nvidia optimus Ti FX 6 7. To switch to the Intel nvidia optimus sudo prime-select intel To switch to the Nvidia graphics: sudo prime-select nvidia I personally use the command line to switch between graphics cards with a simple script.

Determining which graphics card is used with NVIDIA Optimus

Bumblebee The Nvidia optimus package allows your system to use the onboard Intel graphics card by default, and to switch to the Nvidia graphics card when the system needs to perform more graphically heavy tasks. In Bumblebee 4.


Also beginning with bumblebee 4. So you might not even have VirtuaGL installed by default nvidia optimus the future.

For Primus, there nvidia optimus a separate shell script you can use to invoke it called primusrun. It may become tedious to always use the optirun program in a terminal to launch 3D games or other 3D opengl applications. You may wish to create desktop launchers which use the optirun or primusrun commands in order to streamline this process. It is possible something was typed incorrectly, or a certain nvidia optimus was not compatible with the hardware being used.

Whatever the case, a broken configuration nvidia optimus that debugging is required. There must be some way to fix this. I'm still on Windows 10 so I'll have to upgrade to try this. I'll report back when I get a chance.

Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. The user can define the preferred graphic card manually in the driver nvidia optimus and thus overwrite the standard.

NVIDIA Optimus Bumblebee :: Fedora Docs Site

In Windows 7's hardware manager you'll find both installed graphic cards. The new driver architecture allows automatic profile updates over the internet using an encrypted connection. Therefore, Optimus should be able to recognize new applications and games. Asus N61 with Optimus. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts nvidia optimus explain technology. Skip to nvidia optimus Foundation · Optimus. NVIDIA Home > Technologies > Optimus.

Nvidia Optimus

Subscribe. Product Info. Overview · Awards and Reviews · Nvidia optimus GeForce. Additional. Nvidia Optimus is a computer GPU switching technology created by Nvidia whichdepending on the resource load generated by client software applications, will.

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