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Sounds like you are moving from a PC onto a Mac, so that is not the case. This version requires Leopard or Snow Leopard. Fill in your details below or click an icon digi 002 standalone log in:.

What gets me is folk who try and spend your money stating you should buy or try something else or better. If the budget is what it is, and it works for you I also have a Digi and a Tascam FW on the way. Make sure you have the DIGI Core Audio driver installed on digi 002 standalone system - although you must have that if you have it digi 002 standalone with Logic.


Don't really like Reason - so not used it for ages. Time was short, and I needed to set up an office on-site and get rolling right away. I decided to subject the Digi 002 standalone to a grueling real-world project.

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For the most digi 002 standalone, the Digi did its job admirably, helping me quickly create the whip cracks, pistol fire, zeppelin motors, and magical energy zaps that are a signature part of the Raiders of the Lost Ark universe. I worked back and forth between Pro Tools and other audio apps constantly, all the while checking email, using the Internet, and transferring files using Digi 002 standalone. Outright crashes were fairly rare, although a bug in the Pro Tools software which I'll describe in a moment left me reaching for the aspirin from time to time. There's also a Rec button that turns the channel Sel buttons into record-arming buttons, and an L R Meter button, which switches the LED-ring metering between four different states: pan metering, level metering, and pan or level metering for the left or right inputs of a stereo track.

The Display button changes the final pair of displays into a song-position readout not a SMPTE display mirroring the position and calibration of the on-screen one bars and beats, minutes digi 002 standalone seconds, or samples. The display itself is rather sluggish, and usually about a beat behind the current position of a Session. Finally, a set of LED indicators shows whether the current Session is at These four 'keyboard modifier' switches duplicate the function of the Shift, Option, Control and Command keys on your computer keyboard, and offer useful ways to expand the number of functions available from other hardware controls. For example, tapping a fader cap once while holding down Option sends the fader position to 0dB. The manual is not very good at telling you about these nice little touches, so when you discover one it's doubly pleasing.

We thought it very neat that double-clicking a channel Select button opens the track-naming dialogue in PTLE, so you can name the track from your computer keyboard; you can move to preceding or subsequent tracks, to name them too, using the Command button plus the 's left or right cursor button.

Digi Rack in stand alone - Avid Pro Audio Community

However, we were disappointed to find no way to open the New Track dialogue from the digi 002 standalone, for creating new tracks. We would also have liked to see a way of assigning inputs to tracks via the hardware.

There's no doubt that the control-surface aspect of the makes recording and mixing with Pro Tools LE much more comfortable, quick and intuitive, after you've gained a certain amount of familiarity with it, and saves much wear and tear on the mouse arm. The Digi 's mic preamps are quiet, neutral, and colorless. They are solid in their performance and well suited to the rigorous demands of high-resolution audio. I continued to throw the most difficult audio tasks that I could think of at the Digi jingling keys, tambourines, shakers, metallic hits, and big low-frequency thumps — all at bit, 96 kHz. In each case, the Digi held its own, recording everything faithfully, with a minimum of the harshness and high-end distortion that is so often characteristic of Time was short, and I needed to set up an office on-site and get rolling right away. Last time I heard, there were separate ASIO drivers for ProTools and 'other' software - are you sure that it's the correct one you are using?

I do in fact have the correct drivers for the DigiR. Don't digi 002 standalone an account? Because it uses external FireWire interfacing, the system is suitable for use with a modern FireWire-equipped laptop, a consideration for many these days.


The LE software is as efficient and usable as ever, has been given some welcome enhancements, and is generally a pleasure to use — though, as mentioned earlier, we think one digi 002 standalone two facilities could be beefed up. The hardware controller is smart, sleek and ergonomic. It looks professional, and its interaction with the software has been well implemented, but we did sometimes feel that digi 002 standalone doesn't go quite as far as it could.

Comparing digi 002 standalone directly with the competition is not straightforward, given that its spec is probably unique. Any comparable system see Alternatives box could not come from just one manufacturer.


Components from different places may not always work perfectly together, and one big advantage for is that all of it comes from Digidesign. A wide range of studio musicians and audio professionals will find the system very attractive, and it should find a home not only in project studios, but also in pre-production facilities and in smaller recording digi 002 standalone within larger studio complexes.

Digi 002 for live mixing AND playing tracks

As with Sessions, Sessions can be easily imported into TDM systems, making it equally useful for project studio owners going elsewhere to mix and for studio complexes with 'big' Pro Tools in a main studio. Digi should also find a ready supply of buyers not only in Pro Tools newcomers, but in existing owners who will see thewith its hands-on controller and other enhancements, as a tempting prospect. It's certainly tempting these two owners! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. I recently upgraded to a Mac Pro and have just installed Logic 8. Originally Posted by ReaDave. On that particular When the virtual instrument tracks were converted to audio, we could play digi 002 standalone the Session OK. Hello Anyone knows if the Digi Rack can be used in stand alone? I mean, is that possible to use it just as an A/D converter (analog to  Digi as a stand alone mixer?

Communicating via a single FireWire connection to a Windows or Mac computer, Digi combines an audio/MIDI interface with an integrated control surface for precise hands-on mixing.

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