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According to Creative, it is very flexible in signal routing internally, with audio 'ring' channels to use.


While it can creative ca20k1 x-fi xtreme only channels, each of those can have 8 simultaneous effects applied in real-time. The sound sounds in general pretty thick and shut in with the integrated circuit. The bass has better control than we expected though, instead we have problems with the treble which sounds very metallic and shut in.

Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Elite Pro

In general we also think that the X-Fi makes a considerably better impression with organ music while the Realtek-circuit makes most look rather synthetic. With X-Fi you also get around the yell and arduous sound you get with ALC when you turn up the volume. Audiophile is a completely different story; the differences are a lot smaller. Just as Creative ca20k1 x-fi xtreme Audiophile delivers a very detailed, roomy sound without colors. The fact is that the cards sound very similar with the headphones and speakers we had to test with.

Creative Поддержка Пользователей

The only thing we noticed is that X-Fi sounds a little more detailed in the high frequency ranges. Above all X-Fi sounds more articulate, not the least in the lower frequency ranges. The difference between ALC and X-Fi is pretty much identical with what we have written earlier in creative ca20k1 x-fi xtreme general section. ALC manages much better here than with the CD-tests. But we still have the same problem that we described in the general section but not as apparent when we used CDs, however the bass keeps making unwanted noise now and then.

We therefore picked some Dolby 2. The result was a bit more detailed treble, more authority and strength with Creative card.


When we were about to test with material with higher resolution we thought our speakers would set the limit pretty early on. The picture with X-Fi feels considerably bigger creative ca20k1 x-fi xtreme roomier than with the Audigy-card, but we suspect that Creative has improved its software for DVD-Audio-playback considerably for the X-Fi-cards. Games: Creative still is the unchallenged king of game audio and X-Fi continues to empower the already stable position. Compared to Audigy 4 Pro is above all the positioning that has become better.

Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCIe - Page 1 - Introduction

Especially close sources feels more natural which was expected considering the MacroFX-technology from Sensaura. ALC is such a big step down that the difference is clearly noticeable. The fact is creative ca20k1 x-fi xtreme we experience the sound as even worse than when we tested Dolby Digital and CDs which pretty much depends on that ALC lacks EAX3, 4 and 5 and only supports 32 channels, etc. Before we finish we want to bring attention to some of the tings we would have like to have seen Creative do and some speculations about them.

DTS Interactive is in turn a much more modern alternative and the two first products supporting the technology a mainboard from MSI and an encoder box from Creative just arrived on the creative ca20k1 x-fi xtreme. However most modern amplifiers have analog 5. The other is the bigger advantage with completely digital solutions is that the amplifier can then decode, amplify and DA-convert the signal. If you have a goof amplifier you will get a higher sound quality than what the sound card would be able to output. The cons are, according to me, even more numerous though. Second, these realtime encoders work with rigid bit depth 16 bit and sampling rates 48 KHz which means that you have to convert the bit depth and sampling rates of a lot of the sound you play.

The third problem is related to the first, namely bitrate. When it comes to DTS Interactive there is considerably more bandwidth to fill.

With 1. Finally we have performance and delays. This results in at least two things; on the one hand the process will take more CPU-cycles and on the other it can result in delays of the sound even though it might only be a few milliseconds. Arguments such as that the amplifier would be better at DA-conversions than the sound cards has a certain value still creative ca20k1 x-fi xtreme when all the negative aspects are weighed against the positive they all cancel each other out. We have some suspicions that it is a certain surviving instinct that has made affected the decision.

Realtime encoding is pretty much the opposite of all that. The fast is that if a realtime encoder is all you want a lot of the work Creative has done with improving its cards will go to waste.The latest download(s) available for Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Creative ca20k1 x-fi xtreme is listed below. It installs Creative Audio Console to control your audio creative ca20k1 x-fi xtreme settings. This suite of driver and application has been updated and combined for your convenience. It installs Creative Audio Console to control your audio device's.

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